About Us

Quality of Fabrics

our shirts are distinguished by the accuracy of details and the quality of the fabrics used which make our products exclusive, for prestige and elegance. The expression “quality of the fabrics” means for us the implementation of a number of attentions on the product with the purpose to offer to the end customer a garment of absolute comfort and wearability.


From 1971 we produce shirts of different styles, starting from classic models as under jacket to get trendier designs and sporty. Our shirts have all the advantages of tailoring, thanks to the preparation and experience of the workers, combined with the cutting-edge technology of our machines.


the thing we most care about is the satisfaction of our customers. To tackle any type of problem or to make an order please contact us at our email address below and you will be contacted by one of our operators.

The Company

Valery’s shirts was founded in 1971 as a family-run artisan company, to become, in 1985, Valery’s shirts S.n.c. based in Casoria, near Naples.

The company, thanks to its technical and professional abilities, has expanded its production with advanced equipment in the field of tailoring preserving the beauty of craftsmanship.

The company deals with the production of men’s shirts. Thanks to the continuous research of materials and styles combining with the craftsmanship, this company can offer a style that meets the most demanding requirements for the classic shirt with a leisure line that stands out for the originality of the tissues and the comfortable fit.

Quality of Fabrics0



Founder and Creative Director

Carlo Nienteaffatto

Our company wouldn't exist without Carlo and his perseverance. Active for over 40 years in the field of shirts, Carlo Nienteaffatto is Valery’s Shirts creator, point of reference for all employees and project manager with passion and experience.

Product Manager

Salvatore Nienteaffatto

The production line of our shirts is the favorite place of Salvatore Nienteaffatto, Carlo’s son and Product Manager of Valery’s Shirts. With over 20 years of industry experience, Salvatore represents the point of reference between tradition and innovation, embodying perfectly the company mission.